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International trade and commerce are the driving forces of the world economy.Now that the Internet is available globally, cycle times for transportation and shipping of raw materials and goods has been reduced significantly.
Companies have started to source their raw materials, semi-finished goods from new countries and markets that they have never dealt with before      More
FastFix Inc. endeavors to become the apex organization in the maritime industry through our core strengths in technological solutions for dry bulk shipping markets.Our unique leadership,professionalism and integrity assure high standards and safety for our partners,employees and the environment.
FastFix is a Internet based bulk freight system that matches bulk cargo such as grain, steel, scrap metal, cement, sand,ores, minerals and other cargo with a compatible vessel. Matching is handled through a software program that identifies specific shipping requirments against specific vessels.
FastFix is a matching system that uses a software generated logic to match that allows its members to negotiate terms and conditions and successfully conclude a fixture.

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FastFix Global Demand/Supply Charts. Click here to view.
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