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Why choose us?

In the 21st century we live in an instantaneous “Right Now” world. Most people do not have the luxury of extra time to learn new software packages and new techniques in addition to their current responsibilities. Whether you are a Ship Owner, Ship Broker, International Trader or a charterer you need to know the best possible “Freight Rates” for your business in an instant. You cannot afford to spend days or weeks or months in figuring out whether a particular business is workable or not. Decision making is already complex enough in most organizations given the capital at stake for each piece of freight business. Our attempt through Fastfix solution is to reduce the guess work regarding “Freight Rates” so you will spend more quality time on trade issues that will actually help improve your organizational profitability. There may be other solutions on the market. Most other solutions require you to learn their system and then upload your cargo positions or ship positions and then you have to wait for some matching to happen. Using latest satellite and information technologies Fastfix offers a better solution for eliminating such guesswork. We are implementing our solution phase by phase for your convenience. We trust this will eventually assist you in simplifying your work routines with regards to cargo/ship fixing.

FastFix™ System Commercial Objectives & Benefits to users
  1. Assists in Planning Global Commodity Shipments
  2. Minimizes the capital blocked in a specific transaction
  3. Calculates the best Time to launch Letter of Credit
  4. Assists in Managing Currency risks
  5. Assists in Managing Production risks
  6. Assists in Managing Global Commodity pricing risks
  7. Calculates the best Time to source appropriate ships
  8. Negotiates Charterparty terms
  9. Facilitates high level transactional transparency of the voyage process
  10. Assists in efficient deployment and re-deployment world merchant fleet
We look forward to serving you.
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