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FastFix™ technology platform offers complete transactional solution. It provides TRANSPERANCY to GLOBAL TRADE and offers vital online GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE for all dry bulk commodities that are transported by ship. In full Spectrum the system offers a cohesive structure for Physical markets, Secondary markets and Derivative markets. In Physical Markets Fastfix Inc. Acts as brokers in all transactions concluded on our website. We endeavor to preserve existing Affinities and relationships between various participating groups and respect the value they offer in facilitating International shipping transactions. We simply provide a global channel that improves trading efficiencies while containing Or reducing risks. In doing so our goal is to enable all market segments to enjoy the freedom to pursue their international Trade goals. As a transactional service and we earn industry standard rate of commission structure as explained in Fastfix Rate sheet when you successfully achieve your commercial objectives or shall we say "Fix the ships?"

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Currently we are able to provide the following Useful Features on Fastfix System (Patents Pending) at minimal monthly subscription rates:

OBJECTIVES+ Create perpetual online ship fixing channel and offer one central global location for all dry bulk PHYSICAL MARKET trades
+ Improve PHYSICAL SPOT markets for dry bulk ships that assist in real time and realistic charter price discovery
+ Increase global pool of potential charterers, enhance voyage charter opportunities to help establish a dynamic day rate environment
+ Substantially reduce the counter party risk exposure prior to committing a ship to a charter and
+ Provide a unified channel for risk mitigation and settlements through an array of about 30 major currencies
PHYSICAL MARKETS It acts as global converging point for fixing (employing) the ships. User can transact DIRECTLY ONLINE by Offering and/or receiving Main Terms, Firm Offers, COA Pre-Offers and Time Charter Offers on the web site
Full Cargo Orders Full ship loads (Parcels above 5,000MT) - Referred to as PN# for easy tracking
Part Cargo Orders Cargo Parcels Under 5,000mt - PN#
COA or Contract of Affreightment Orders Large cargo contracts of over 100,000mt per year - PN#
Maritime Freight Bids U.S Govt., U.N Aid, Corporate and other global tenders for sourcing ships - PN#
Time Charter Orders Period charters of ships or Time Charters- TCPN#
Trade Genie™Creates a coherent global trade plan. Just plug in basic details of your commodity trades between any two ports in the world into Trade Genie™ and view the plan.
QuoteMaster™Creates an indicative freight Quote. Plug in basic details of your shipment between any two load and discharge ports in the world and view the quick indicative quote.
Search PN# Search global central repository of all cargo orders are available on FastFix system
Post-a-Quote™Ship Brokers and Ship Owners can post an indicative freight quote directly for charterers/cargo side to view and respond. This gets the fixture discussions started, helps with making Main Terms/Firm Offers and negotiations to be more productive.
View ship MatchesAllows cargo side users to view available ships based on real time ship positions.
Level 2 Freight QuoteSystem generates an indicative freight rate based on advanced proprietary algorithms that gives independent perspective.
Show MARKETAllows ship side users to view how many total bids were posted on a particular PN# of their interest and the average bid for that cargo order
List PN# This is the central repository of all global cargo orders available on the system
List TCPN# This the central repository of all global time charter orders available on the system
Search TCPN# Allows users to search Time Charter orders according to their individual preferences
Corporate Grids™Facility to manage multiple contracts that are large and multi year in nature
Port Connect™Allows user to reserve a berth at load/discharge ports. Reduces port congestion problem due to advanced planning arrangements.
View Operating DaysAllows user to instantly view how many trading days are covered for each of the ships according to his trading activities on the system.
Source Agent™System allows ship agents in various ports to provide their Pro-forma DA details. Cargo owners are shown the Pro-forma DA information and are encouraged to contact the agents directly for potential business development.
Status Grid-CargoAllows users to track their cargo order activities including negotiation status on all cargo orders in excel file
Status Grid-Fleet ActivityAllows users to track their ships trading activities including status of various terms offered to different cargo and timecharter orders available on the system
Status Grid Own TC PackAllows users to track trading status of their own Time Charter Orders
Customer SupportAllows Fastfix customer service representatives to provide LIVE online assistance to registered and paid subscribers
LC VerificationSystem internally verifies user entered Letter of Credit information with 3200 issuing banks in 30 countries
Fastfix Global Bucks A/C or FGB A/C Allows user to create banking credentials for direct system trading
Interim ReportSystem generates an interim report for each specific trade to show financial receipts and payments. This report may be used for the purpose of establishing and analyzing user's own financial exposure specific to each transaction. This enables good risk management before making big financial bets.
Monthly ReportSystem generates a consolidated monthly financial statement of user's trading activity
Online PaymentUser can pay additional fees to seek Fastfix assistance in fixing a cargo order
PHYSICAL markets Settlement AdviceUser receives wire transfer instructions up on completing suggested trading steps
Charts & GraphsSeparate screen with the ability to generate over 10,000 (user generated) unique Charts and Graphs in 20 major categories
Physical DeliveryFastFix™ provides a channel to unload contracts that are already successfully concluded in physical markets with actual Physical delivery
Financial Delivery (Futures Contract)Provides purely financial delivery features (Futures Contract style). Trade "Commodity+Freight", "Freight Only" and "Deadweight" as seperate contracts.
Charts & GraphsSeparate screen with the ability to generate over 10,000 (user generated) unique Charts and Graphs in 20 major categories
Option ContractsFastFix™ offers the user, basic option strategies such as calls and puts for buying or selling according to our own established contract pairs. Trade "Commodity+Freight", "Freight Only" and "Deadweight" as seperate contracts.
In user sections we have provided step-by-step "Process Guide", "Reference Guides" that explain available links and "Feature Focus Guides" that demonstrate how to benefit from the available built-in features that offer quick answers to quests for ocean freight. Some of the above listed items may be in testing and may undergo periodic revisions as we complete our research and development process. Consistant feedback from Users will make system features give much more comprehensive results. REGISTER TO VIEW AVAILABLE DEMO FILES.
We INVESTED substantial resources over many years into solving this global trade problem and continue to invest in making it the preferred solution that works for different participating Groups in this space. Due to its inherent complexity, we believe our "NO SPIN" efforts may reduce many of the challenges faced by commodity traders and shipping companies. With active participation from all market segments that have stake in these trades, we hope FastFix™ will eventually become the right answer to everyday problems of global shipping. We are always open to logical Corporate collaborations from interested companies in all relevant sectors.
FASTFIX™ - Online DO-IT-YOURSELF solution for Global Dry Bulk Trades
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