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Fastfix Inc. Privacy Policy:

Privacy and Security:

The Privacy and Security Policy addresses Fastfix, Inc. (“Fastfix”) data security practices, the options a user has to access and control information provided to Fastfix, and other pertinent matters relating to of this Website. This Privacy and Security Policy is governed by Fastfix Terms and Conditions Fastfix reserves the right to alter this Privacy and Security Policy as business needs require. If there is a change to the Privacy and Security Policy, FastFix will post those changes here so that the user will always know what information Fastfix retains, how it might be used, and if it may be disclosed to others. All changes to this privacy and Security Policy will be posted to the Fastfix Website prior to the time the changes take effect.

Special note regarding legal capacity (minors) :

This Site is not intended for or directed for persons that do not have the legal capacity to contract. Fastfix does not sell products for purchase by minors. By registering with this Website, purchasing products from Fastfix or providing Fastfix with any information, the user represent that it has the legal capacity to contract with Fastfix and that any information provided to Fastfix about a third party is for a third party that has the legal capacity to contract with Fastfix.

What information does Fastfix collect from the user? Why? :

Fastfix may collect Information needed to contact the user in the future. If Fastfix collects such information, the user may later access, modify, and/or, remove such information from the Fastfix system.:When the Fastfix Website is utilized, Fastfix shall request the user’s first and last name, physical address, city, country , telephone number, e-mail address, or other contact information and if the user does not provide such information then Fastfix will be unable to complete the user’s registration..Fastfix will only use this information to complete, support and analyze the user’s purchases from fastfixinc.com and use of the fastfixinc.com Website, for internal purposes and to comply with any requirements of law. This information may be disclosed to our staff and to third parties involved in the completion of your transaction, the service of your requirement or the analysis and support of your use of the fastfixinc.com Website.

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