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Main Terms are discussed between Cargo owners/Brokers and Ship owners/Brokers. Main Terms can be negotiated extensively on Fastfix Inc. website for several days at a time depending on the complexity of the business. Once issued, Main Terms will be valid for up to 72 hours. Upon expiration of 72 hours all Main Terms will be invalid and both parties have to re-discuss the terms again afresh. We believe this system will help all parties take reasonable time to decide the next steps for each shipment/business without undue expectations. Additional time extensions may be obtained in 12 hour blocks, when valid reasons are presented in order to continue same Main Terms discussion.

For most inquiries multiple Main Terms may be generated due to true global nature of this Fastfix system. We encourage you to consider all available options in discussing and concluding the terms under this section.

* NOTE: Fastfix Inc. acts as brokers in all transactions conducted on this website. Fastfix commissions are subject to fee schedule provided in Fastfix Rate sheet. When users conclude suggested steps, all commissions are deemed earned by Fastfix Inc.as per Charterparty terms.

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