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 Firm Offers

Firm Offers are also discussed between cargo owners/brokers AND ship owners/brokers. Firm Offers once issued will be valid for up to 2 hours at a time. Upon expiration of 2 hours all Firm Offers will be automatically become invalid and both parties have to re-discuss the terms again afresh unless one party requests and receives time extension from the other party. Time extensions are granted for obtaining Board of Director Approval, Banking Verifications and other complex reasons only. This helps ship owners to pursue more viable business alternatives for their ships while cargo owners may quickly decide on other competing freight terms.

* NOTE: Fastfix Inc. acts as brokers in all transactions conducted on this website. Fastfix commissions are subject to fee schedule provided in Fastfix Rate sheet. When users conclude suggested steps, all commissions are deemed earned by Fastfix Inc.as per Charterparty terms.

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