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FastFix FAQ

1. Who can Use Fastfix website?

Fastfix website can be used by international dry bulk commodity traders, charterers, ship brokers, ship owners and bankers who issue banking instruments such as International Letters of Credit.

2. We are commodity traders and we ship Iron Ore from Brazil, Coal from Indonesia etc. What can we do on this site?

For starters you can use TradeGenie™. This helps visualize a tentative schedule for your entire trade process starting from issuing Full Corporate Offer (FCO) through shipment delivery. You can plan your shipments to any country from any country in the world. People involved in international trade can lose their valuable time in organizing various steps from sourcing raw material to chartering ships at an appropriate time. We believe this tool sets a direction for your trade negotiations.You can use QuoteMaster™ for generating an Ocean freight quote pertinent to your shipment. This can be generated from any country to any country in the world wherever ports are available. We constantly upgrade so many of these details for strengthening our solution for your benefit. Quote generated by QuoteMaster™ will be reflective of current market conditions. It can be used for general budgeting purposes for Ocean Freight. When you complete your trade process and LC process and are ready for chartering a ship, you can negotiate Main Terms and Firm Offer right here on Fastfix. You can keep all your documents and certificates ready for confirmation with your buyers and getting vessel approved for shipment etc. We know your processes and believe we can assist you in reducing anxiety about shipping.

3. We are ship brokers. What can we do on this site?

We believe Fastfix website simplifies your routines. As brokers you can view interesting parcels and offer Main Terms and Firm Offers in the most efficient way possible. Most brokers are familiar with what their principal’s requirements are. So you can save a lot of time and effort in screening multiple offers that come across the system in lot less time.Fastfix is also aware of non-payment of commissions for brokers / competitive brokers for their hard work. As you know this is an industry wide problem. When we conclude the future upgrades, Fastfix solution should be able to protect brokers’ interests through seamless integration of various payment processes. We can get there together.

4. We are ship owners. What can we do on this site?

As ship owners your decisions can be quite complex. The decisions may be about ongoing vessel maintenance, international compliance, routine technical or financial issues such as replacing older tonnage with new tonnage etc. With Fastfix solution we are aiming to solve most of your “commercial management” issues such as keeping the vessels employed in profitable trades and to make your voyage charters hassle free as much as possible. We believe our solution can help improve spot markets and can help your spot fleet utilization / profitability to increase.

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